reference - Create a reference to an object


reference name ?class_namespace? ?object_dereference?


The reference command will create a reference to an object.
If ?class_namespace? is specified, the type of the reference is being forced. If unspecified, the reference command will fish it out of the object.
If ?object_dereference? is specified, the object is addressed and the reference is built.
Lets look at how to address members through a reference
refname.member ?value?
If value is present, it sets the member's value.  Otherwise it simply returns it's value
refname.member option ?arg arg ...?
This is an interface to Tcl's array command.  See the man page/help for array for details.
refname.member ?arg arg ...?
Calls the procedure with optional arguments
object or reference
refname.member?.submember ...?
If ?.submember? is not specified, it will return the object dereference for refname.member (as does refname itself)
refname.subclass objectname ?arg arg ...?
Creates an object of class subclass